Friday, 27 July 2012

Retaining Your Good Health—The Need For an Annual Physical Examination

There are many reasons why we will have to receive a physical examination during our lives. In the beginning, they are for innocuous reasons like summer camp or entry to a new school. Whatever the reason, sometimes a physical examination is required and you must do what it is you must do—that is take yourself or your child to get a physical examination by a certified doctor and hope that he or she passes the less-than-stringent requirements.
A physical examination is required as we get older, as well. In fact, it is recommended that men and women undergo a general physical exam at least once a year if they serious about retaining their good health. There is no better way to retaining your good health than to periodically check your entire system. We do it for our cars, why shouldn’t we do it for ourselves?

What exactly is it that a physical exam entails? Considering that a physical exam is a set of testing procedures to make sure that you are up to par in a host of physical ways, it will consist of the very basics such as pulse and blood pressure. Don’t be surprised if your doctor straps on the ol’ blood pressure cuff and also listens to your heart with a stethoscope. Pretty basic stuff, that’s for sure. But it is this very basic stuff that indicates a person’s overall health, and this is what a general physical exam is testing for.

Blood pressure and heart rate are called an individual’s vital signs. These will definitely be tested as you undergo a general physical exam. In addition, it is a health professional’s time to check out your general appearance. A lot can be understood by a person’s general appearance. Your doctor at your local medical office will also look for mental equity as well as general physicality.

A general physical examination will include your doctor checking the lungs. If you smoke, it is important to share this information with your doctor. There is no reason in the world to be dishonest with your personal doctor. Embarrassment is the number one reason given by patients when quizzed about why they lie to their doctor. A doctor is well-trained and does not allow personal morality to come in the way of treating a patient. Never fib to your walk in clinic internist. If you do, you are only hurting yourself.

Aside from the above-mentioned tests, the doctor will almost always check your head and neck and your abdominal area, as well. If anything looks out of the ordinary during these tests, the doctor will order more extensive testing by a specialist. The general physical exam is a great way to find out if there is anything interfering with your good health before it gets to the point of becoming a health issue that is beyond treatment.

Do not be surprised—depending on your age—if the doctor also decides to test your private areas. As an individual gets a tad older, the doctor is more likely to either administer a testicular exam or a breast exam. This is completely natural and is many times needed to make a compete judgment regarding a patient’s general health.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Making our roads safer with mandatory CDL Physical Exams for drivers

This past March when a World Wide Tours bus crashed into a metal sign pole, ripping through the bus and killing 15 of its passengers, New York City commuters felt wary for a time about getting into commercial vehicles.  Any false sense of security felt when boarding a bus or taxi was shattered as we were hit with the reality that just because a driver is a professional does not make him or her any less susceptible to human error.The final verdict on the sobriety and health of the tour bus driver at the time of the accident has yet to be concluded, but one thing is certain: with nearly 40,000 people dying every year in this country from car collisions the pressures on commercial drivers to work safely and responsibly is intense. Even when the cargo isn’t human, a mishap for a 16-wheeler carrying a couple tons of lumber on a highway or freeway endangers everything and everyone around it.For these reasons most states require that each driver undergoes a thorough Physical Examination at least every two years to ensure they are healthy and able enough to control a moving vehicle.
Although it’s highly recommended that all drivers should undergo this physical not everyone is required to get a driver’s physical before getting behind the wheel. A mandatory exam is dependent on the type of vehicle being driven, which includes but not limited to:
 a.       Commercial vehicles that transfer goods exceeding 10,000 pounds, including vehicle weight,
b.       Vehicles that transfer hazardous substances and materials.
c.       Vehicles that carry 16 or more passengers.
IF your vehicle meets any of the above criteria then physicals are required from drivers who carry these heavy burdens. In a lot of ways large trucks and buses are like tanks, so it is in the best interest of not only other drivers on the road but the drivers themselves to be 100 percent capable of controlling them.CDL exams looks over the driver’s personal and family health history to check for any possible health complications. 
The physical standardly gives the patient a drug test, vision test and hearing test to confirm the driver will be able to hear and see warning signs well while on the road or if these senses have deteriorated since the last exam. It also typically checks for diabetes and gives an ECG heart test for people who have a history of heart problems. Drug tests are not always mandatory, but definitely not uncommon.Doctor’s must fill out and sign a form for driver’s to return to their employer for clearance. Some companies may provide if you need a CDL Physical Exam NYC and are looking for an affordable doctor, go to this Physical Exam Center located in Midtown Manhattan. They take most insurance providers, and offer a reasonable flat $150 fee to those without health insurance. 
It is also incredibly easy to get to, with its office just blocks away from the Bryant Park and Grand Central Terminal subway stations. You can get there quickly from almost anywhere in the city.You can make your appointment online by visiting their website at Urgent care NYC  by calling their office at 212.696.5900. Come in today and hit the road tomorrow.