Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lightning Fast Focus! Physical Examination and Drivers? All Questions Answered

The physical exam has been part of America forever. During the Vietnam War there are tales of men not bathing for weeks in order to build up such a mighty stench that they would throw the doctor off their game and make him or her question the soundness of the patient’s mind. These tales also include men who would sprint to office in order to be clocked in with high blood pressure. Anything is possible when the stakes are so high. These days, a physical exam is usually given as a prerequisite to employment, to clear a kid for summer camp, or to receive a special type of drivers license. Although the United States of America is involved in various military action around the globe (a whole other article…), it is the not the main reason for physical exams toady!

What exactly is a physical examination in manhattan and how could not bathing for weeks throw a doctor off? Well, this is a great question and drives straight to the point of how the drivers physical examination is a very general testing procedure. The doctor administering such exam uses much more than just his stethoscope to come to his or her findings; even the sense of smell is just as important to a good physical as is the patient’s heart rate. Of course this depends on the type of physical exam being administered. Let’s take a drivers physical exam as an example. What is it a person undergoing such a procedure can expect?

As stated previously, a physical exam is a general testing procedure of a person’s health. In the instance of a drivers physical examination, the company requesting it is going to be looking for things that may affect an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. This will typically include their eyesight. Obviously any and all drivers need to have impeccable eyesight. If a testee wears glasses or contact lenses, a portion of the physical exam will be to make sure the eyewear prescriptions are up to date and adequate.

The exam center will also be looking for illnesses that may affect a person’s ability to operate a car, bus or truck due to fainting, blacking out or any other reason. There is s a drivers physical exam called a DOT (Department of Transportation). This Dot physical examination nyc will be needed to obtain the specific type of license that allows an individual to:

·      Operate a motor vehicle (used for commercial purposes) that has a gross vehicle rate rating or combination weight rating of more than ten thousand pounds.

·      Operate a motor vehicle that is designed to transport sixteen or more passengers. (This includes the driver or drivers)

·      Operate a motor vehicle that is designed to transport any type of hazardous material.

Our roads are used by everyone, from the drivers of huge rigs to the little old ladies who want to get to church on time. Requiring a special license for the above-mentioned uses makes sense in our society. A physical exam for these special drivers is a small price to pay. After all, the exam itself is non-obtrusive, quick and painless. The trick is finding the right place to administer it for the most affordable price.

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