Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pre employment Physical Exam for NYC residents

If you’ve been fortunate enough in this economy to land a job offer recently, don’t let a requirement for a Pre Employment Physical Exam discourage you. These exams are designed to ensure you will have no difficulties performing your duties with your new employer. A good physician will only deter you from accepting a job if it is entirely in your best interest not to work there. These exams are designed to protect you against working conditions that may not be suitable to your physical or mental condition. You may make money in the short run, but if you put your body at risk you could suffer major injuries in the long run.
Also called Post Offer Physical Exams, companies that are covered by federal and state laws against discrimination against people with disabilities are allowed to require their employees take these exams to determine if they are suitable for the job. Remember this important fact: no employer is allowed to require a physical from you until after you’ve been offered the job. Physicals cost money, and no employee should pay for one without a solid job offer in the works.
Very few jobs require mental examinations. However, some companies do administer tests to applicants that supposedly measure emotional and mental stability. If you’ve ever taken one of those terribly long questionnaires that ask you mundane questions about your social habits, you’ve been screened for mental disorders.
Physical exams, however, are appropriate for many jobs out there. Many positions require a certain level of strength, eyesight, or balance ability in order to complete the work. Here are a few examples of types of jobs that may ask you to get physical exam NYC:

Involving much heavy lifting (professional movers, warehouse workers, construction, etc.)

Involving a lot of physical activity (long distance walking and climbing, policemen, firefighters)

Working at heights (building construction, using tall ladders)

Needing to hear emergency alarms

Handling large, dangerous machinery (truck drivers, longshoremen)

Needing to discern between colors

Using personal protective equipment (respiratory protection)
In jobs where you’ll be handling dangerous machinery employers will commonly require drug screening alongside the physical exam, as an inability to perform sober puts not only the employee but multiple other people at risk for injury. Most companies will require drug screening NYC for THC, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines. All of these tests can be administered with a simple urine sample.
If you live in NYC and are looking for an office that provides the Pre Employment Physical Exam NYC, go to this Physical Exam Center located at 274 Madison Ave, between 39th and 40th street. This medical staff understands and respects that your privacy is important; you can request that all of your information will be reviewed between you and the doctor before your employer sees it. Your doctor here will give you honest, helpful advice on your physical state and whether this job is appropriate for you. Your safety and health is his number one concern.
Start enjoying your new employment - log onto Employment Physical Exam NYC to make an appointment online or call 212-696-5900 to speak with someone.

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