Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tips for NYC on how often you need a physical examination

How long has it been since your last annual exam? Can you remember? If you can’t, it’s probably time to check in for another.
People get busy and forget about their health. We have so much going on every day, whether you’re in school, working full-time, have kids, or just get distracted easily, we tend to forgot that our bodies require some care and attention if we plan on living long. So take a moment, breathe, and look into getting a general physical examinationin NYC while you’re still feeling healthy.
These routine visits determine your general health, meaning they screen practically everything that could be wrong with you depending on your age, sex, and personal/family history. In the most general sense they help to establish a reference of things like your cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and sugar levels. Once these levels are determined your doctor will have a point of comparison for your next annual visit to track what are sometimes dangerous changes.
With your results your doctor can adequately assess your health concerns and offer you guidance of how to prevent disease. It is much easier to prevent disease than to treat it, and everyone should have a preemptive approach to attacking health issues. If you are diagnosed with some health concerns, you’ll have a higher chance of recovery if you catch it early on. This can be problematic as many health conditions associated with weight, blood pressure and sugar levels exude no symptoms. So if you skip out on annual physical NYC you could miss a diagnosis for a condition you didn’t know you had. 
For many people, a general physical exam is recommended once a year. However, if you don’t smoke, don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, have little to no history of illness, exercise pretty regularly and eat healthy foods, you may be in the clear. If you practice healthy life style choices an honest guideline of how often you need a physical exam is as follows:
Ages 3-21 years:  Annually
Ages 22-39 years:  Every 3-5 years
Ages 40-49 years:  Every 2 years
Ages 50+ years:  Annually
Yet personal issues can complicate this guideline. People who suffer from depression and other mental health issues should consider meeting with a health professional for general checks more often. Stress also affects your physical health. Many people who practice healthy habits surprisingly develop health problems due to stress in their lives. By living or working in New York City you automatically place yourself in one of the more stressful environments compared to practically anywhere else in the country.
If it’s time to get your annual blood pressure screening, try Physical Exam Center NY. They offer top quality medical care with incredibly accommodating hours, open late at night and even Saturdays. If you’re worried about payment their website lists their services with pricing, so you don’t have to call in or wait until you get there to see if you can afford it. If you have health insurance, check out their website to see if you are covered. They accept nearly 40 different health plans, so you more likely are.
Just visit their website at Medical Clinic to make an appointment or call 212.696.5900. Or just walk in; they take walk-ins for annual physicals and the wait rarely exceeds thirty minutes.
Take care of your body so your body can take care of you, visit us today.

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