Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Drive Away! (After Your Driver's Physical Exam)

Mirrors checked, seat adjusted, key in, engine on, emergency brake loosened, shift gears into drive. Driving is fairly basic so long as you’ve been on the road before. Getting to that stage, however, is a much longer process.
            For those intending to be DOT/CDL drivers (meaning you’re driving more than 10,000 lbs, 16 or more passengers, or hazardous material), you’ll need to pass the written assessment, physical exam, and then the road test before you even see your license. While the written and road exam can be taken at the actual DMV site, the physical exam is intended to be conducted by a doctor.
            Essentially during your drivers physical exam in NYC you’ll be asked for a brief family health history (anywhere from seizures to gastrointestinal ulcers to kidney disease) and tested for vision (accuracy and color division) and hearing. Moreover, you’ll also need to give a urine sample to test for diabetes and potentially have an ECG if you suffer from heart problems. Doesn’t sound too bad right?
            Don’t try to pull a fast one at the DMV though. If you did not get dot physical exam in NYC from a certified doctor, you’re in for a load of trouble. You may have to go through the exam again, or worse, have your license revoked or suspended. So unless you’re classified under physically qualified by an actual physician, you’re out of luck.
            Those following the rules though have nothing to worry about. Once you’ve passed your written and physical exam, you only have the road test left before you’re certified to drive. And the rest (mastery of the skills) will come with time.  
            If you need to take your driver’s physical exam, stop by our office located conveniently in Midtown Manhattan. For more information or to schedule an appointment, check out our website at Medical Office in NYC.

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