Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Schedule your physical examination before you need one

As people we’re fond of routines. That pattern of continuity brings ease and security because we know what will happen the next day, week, etc. We always know at a certain time to wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat, commute to and from work, shop for groceries, sleep.
            Of course, when it comes to repeated habits, it takes some planning to make sure they function. Meetings need to be pushed back, events pushed forward, errand sacrificed for emergencies. Because we’re so deadlocked to those habitual tendencies, interruptions and surprises easily become the scourge in our schedules.
            When it comes to preparing, how many appointments have you sacrificed? How many are you prepping to give up right now? The laundry desperately in need of a wash, the apartment demanding a sanitized cleansing, the fridge screaming for food, or the physical examination waiting to be noticed. How long before you push it off again?
            When it comes to our bodies, we’re told to have regular checkups every year based on age and family history. Yet the issue isn’t actually getting to physical examination: it’s getting to one. Amidst our regular routine we forget to schedule in the long-term events. And by the time we get to test high blood pressure, heartbeat, weight, height, etc., it becomes a nuisance to even go to the doctor’s office. We can just assume we’re healthy and not bother with this year’s exam.
            The fact remains though that internist suggest routine physical examinations for a reason: to make sure you actually are healthy. Though we may favor other engagements above seeing the doctor, we may eventually face illness for not going.
            Don’t make that mistake and schedule your physical examination now. I promise you physical examination NYC will be able to answer your initial questions and you’ll come out of the office for the better. 

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