Friday, 17 August 2012

Work Safety for You and the Company: Get Your Pre employment Physical Examination

Blue collar, white collar, cubicle, medical office, manual labor, service work, financial markets, freelance traveling. No matter what field, industry, market etc. we’re in, most of us need a profession to sustain our lifestyles. For a fair number of us out in the field, at one time or another, we may be asked to take a pre employment physical examination.
            Also called post offer physical exams, these tests are conducted to ensure the well-being of the potential employee and also to confirm that the applicant’s physical abilities match the job. These assessments are confidential, and have proven be effective in preventing accidents, lowering costs, and harmonizing employees with the right occupation.
            Physical examinations start with medical history (of both the hired hand and his/her family), and follow up with a musculoskeletal test, respiratory evaluation, gastrointestinal examination, a look at the head, eyes, nose, ears, and throat, skin and immunity assessment, neurological exam, and a cardiovascular probe. Oh and just to warn you there may also be a drug test as well. Using a urine sample, you may be check for anything from Marijuana to Cocaine to Opiates to alcohol depending on the employer. After that, you’re done!
            While these may seem like a lot, not all of them may be tested, based on position you hold in the company. If you’re working at heights (on a ladder for instance) or doing heavy lifting though, these tests will help assess whether you’ll be alright working there. Essentially it helps both the company to see if you’re the right employee and you so that you won’t get into an accident at work.
            No worries, it’ll take just a bit of time out of your day. If your company is asking for a pre employment physical examinationin NYC, stop by our office or schedule an appointment on our website, NYC Walk in Clinic.

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