Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Everything You Need To Know About a DOT Physical Exam

What is a DOT physical exam? Is it anything like the STRIPE physical exam or the PLAID physical exam? Uh, no. DOT stands for the Department Of Transportation and whether you realize it or not, drivers of certain vehicles, whether they’re buses or heavy trucks, need to receive a special license. Each and every vehicle comes with its own set of specific responsibilities and the Powers That Be have deemed buses and heavy trucks (and one or two other things) need a special license to lawfully drive. So be it.
If you are in the market for a special DOT license, than you probably have a ton of questions. How much does it cost? What will they test for during the physical exam? Does it hurt? Etc. This article attempts to answer all these questions for you in a brief, detailed and light-hearted way.

First let’s talk about the cost. In today’s economy this is on the forefront of everyone’s mind so it should be addressed first and foremost. Is a DOT physical exam covered by your existing medical insurance? The answer is a resounding…yes! Do not fret if you are already covered. If you are not currently covered by medical insurance, chances are that this job that demands the physical examination will provide it for you, so the cost should be of minor concern. Thankfully, however, the cost is affordable. No one’s gouging when it comes to the DOT physical exam.

Next, let’s discuss who it is that actually needs to undergo the painless procedure of a DOT physical exam. If you are trying to receive a driver’s license for the following vehicles you will need to receive the exam:

·       A license for a vehicle that is used for commercial (business) purposes and that has a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating (or combined weight rating) of over ten thousand pounds—you will need to undergo a DOT physical exam.

·       A license for a bus or bus-like vehicle that carries more than sixteen passengers (including the driver)—you will need to undergo a DOT physical exam.

·       A license for a vehicle that is used for the removal or the transport of any and all hazardous materials—you will need to undergo a DOT physical exam. This does NOT include a McDonalds delivery truck, regardless of what you may think personally.

Finally, let’s take a look at the physical exam itself. What can you expect to experience while undergoing a DOT physical exam done by an internist? The following list contains all relevant information:

·       General health information and a history of past ailments and major health issues. This is followed by a test of your vital signs (pulse, respiratory system, blood pressure, etc.).

·       If you wear glasses for vision correction please bring your glasses with you. You will be given a visual exam. This test will include color.

·       A hearing test will also be administered to you during a DOT physical exam.

·       You will be tested for diabetes via a urine test.

This test is painless and very accurate, and after you pass it your license can be issued.  Good luck… and hit the road, Jack!

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